Cataclysm Gold GuideBy now you should have discovered that everything in Cataclysm is costly. Since time immemorial, in the Warcraft World, gold has always been used as a premium. Nevertheless, some have amassed so much gold that they do not know what to do with it even though most of us are always a heartbeat away from bankruptcy. In light of this, we have designed Cataclysm Gold Guide that will assist you keep your account filled with gold provided you are not a spendthrift hence end up spending all the gold acquired.

The sale of raw materials will lead is expected to reap much just like in the previous expansion packs. Breaking out your miner and herbalist is prudent for you to make colossal sums of money.  Wise decisions are necessary so as to reap big; always target to be first to hit the mining and herbing cap instead of focusing on being the first one in your team to hit 85. Remember that Auction Houses will always be abuzz with activities as Engineers, Blacksmiths, Inscriptionists and Alchemists struggle to purchase anything that is needed to upscale their skills.

The misconception that having the highest prices in the Auction House is okay will misguide you in this case since some people will always bid a lower price than yours. To make sure that your auction sells, be hawk eyed on the prices and release the stacks in a calculative manner so as to undercut the prices. Always add more auctions once any sale is made to keep the auction flowing. Besides showing you how the gold in your account is stacking up, mobile phone applications such as Mobile Auction House come in handy since they enable you to closely monitor the sales

Wise planning and quick development of skills will make your reserves be awash with gold. It is therefore prudent that the moment new dungeons are being raided; your alchemist should always be ready to create fresh pots and elixirs since they are bound to be sold at exceptional prices. Once you hone your skills, you will discover that quality mats from Wrath like Titanium have the ability to fetch great prices hence those who will still be amateurs will sell in a hurry besides being more than willing to strike a deal at a price.

Since more and more enchants and chanters will be in dire need of gear drops  so as to break away from the ruins,  most of the gear drops made as you work your way through uncharted zones have the ability to be sold at superior prices. This factor should be helpful when put into consideration.

I hope this Cataclysm Gold Guide can help you to maintain and increase your gold.

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