Zombie Dolls

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<strong>Zombie Dolls</strong>

Zombie Dolls is one of the most popular online games you can play here on Game Top. Zombie Dolls is a simple Action game that very interesting. Read the description and instruction before playing. Zombie Dolls is a tower defense, action shooter.  The objective of the game is to protect the house from zombie doll invasion by shooting the oncoming waves of zombies. Zombie Dolls have infested your backyard and are attempting to enter and terrorise your house. To achieve this however, they must first manage to escape your onslaught of weapon fire. To begin the game you start off with a simple spud gun, although as the game progresses you are able to use the coins collected from the dead dolls to purchase bigger and better weapons. These range from a plain stick that you can hit the dolls that get too close with, right up to straight shot rifles that will kill multiple dolls with a single shot. You aim with the mouse and fire with the left mouse button.  Pressing the F key will fix the player's barricades and pressing G will detonate any Cherry Bombs you've purchased on the crosshair; this will deal splash damage and is highly effective against groups. If the Zombie dolls manage to get past your blasting defense, that’s when your barricades will come in handy. As the dolls begin to knock them down, you must quickly repair them, or they will have a direct path into your house. There are 21 levels in Zombie Dolls, each one more difficult and energetic than the last. New zombies are introduced in certain levels with special characteristics such as super strength or ninja reflexes, making your house all the more difficult to defend.

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