Super Mario Maker review: Let's-a play/create/share

“I made a tower of goombas. Stairs made out of goombas led to the flagpole at

Tearaway Unfolded Review

When I first played Tearaway back in 2013, I adamantly argued that Media Molecule’s delightful and

P.T. Easter Egg Discovered in Metal Gear Solid 5

The chilling radio report in Konami’s horror experiment P.T. has been discovered in Metal Gear Solid

Sorcerer King Review

There’s a line in The Lord of the Rings that succinctly captures the desperation of the

Ace Attorney 6 Revealed in Famitsu

Publisher Capcom appears to have confirmed that it is working on a new entry in its

Mad Max review: Your world is fire and blood

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Mad Max Review

There’s a good reason why the new Mad Max game occasionally resembles this year’s Mad Max:

Watch More Gameplay Footage From Gears of War Creator's Next Game

Developer Boss Key Productions has revealed some more glimpses of gameplay footage from its upcoming futuristic

Dreadnought Made Me Feel Like Han Solo

I had the ship in my sights. All it would take was one warp, a quick

Borderlands Movie Will "Probably be Rated R," Gearbox President Says

After Gearbox announced the upcoming Borderlands movie today, president Randy Pitchford discussed the studio’s partnership with